Artist Statement

“In my work, I present a series of themes that have captured my imagination, become almost an obsession:  the  New Zealand landscape, doorways, urban panorama. I have a tendancy towards abstraction, whether it is the sublime perfection of the landscape or the details of decaying buildings, ruined walls or worn doorways.

I have endeavoured to express something about human nature, something about our needs and desires and how this affects our relationship to the landscape. Consumerism, Industrialisation, landscapes manipulated, our very existence, pressing on the land.

There is a sense,  of an imaginary environment, created by our own hands. Not a day goes by that we are not reminded of our own fragility and the damage that industrialisation is having on our prospects of survival in a world as we know it. Ulitmately my works portray the precarious position of humanity in the face  nature.

Living in Jakarta I was able to observe urban problems with a greater understanding.  As buildings reflect ourselves, cities reflect our social selves.  Buildings offer us a frame of reference that locate us in space. When the building falls apart or is temporary, we lose our sense of security. I have seen the effect of urban density,  and overpopulation, of the divide between rich and poor.

Reading the works I cannot escape the feeling of nostalgia, a sense of the layers of time, of places I have known and photographed on my travels.  I encourage you to take a journey through the works  to places that are alive with the spirit of people, and be amazed as I have been, by the vibrancy,  beauty and traces of life and love that I have seen.”